Designed for agencies with limited staff resources to design, implement and administer an e-Training service.

US WIRED, in partnership with the Employment & Training Institute Inc. (ETI), provides a fully managed e-Training service that includes the Metrix Core System PLUS the following services:

1. Initial consultation and technical assistance with local policymakers to identify target groups for e-Training, develop policies for e-Training licenses, identify strategies and approaches for enrolling customers in e-Training, explore implications of e-Training enrollments on WIA/Wagner Peyser performance measures and define reporting needs and formats.

2. Train front line staff in benefits of e-Training, selection criteria and procedures for enrolling customers and curriculum for customer orientation workshops.

3. Create initial learning plan based on customer input and send email with license and start-up instructions within 20 business hours of Agency authorization.

4. Provide ongoing email support to end users on technical issues related to browsers and passwords.

5. Design and maintain the system to track and report on all activity as agreed upon during the initial consultation. Tracking includes e-mail alerts to end users, activity reports to designated staff, as well as monthly reports on all activity.

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