Managed Service

Designed for agencies with limited staff resources to design, implement and administer an e-Training service.
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US WIRED will create and host a web site consisting of the following content and features.
SKILLSOFT: Over 3,500 courses as detailed on site
MEDCOM-TRAINEX: Over 400 online health care related courses as detailed on site
KENEXA PROVE IT!: Option of including over 900 objective skill assessments as detailed on site.

bullet e-Training Licenses: An end user license is active for 90 days from date of issue and allows the end user 24/7 unlimited access to all courses in either the Skillsoft Catalog or the Medcom Catalog. If the PROVE IT! option is selected, any licensed user of Skillsoft courses or of Medcom courses would also have unlimited access to all PROVE IT! assessments.
bullet Ability to create and modify individual learning plans based on objective assessments and self-evaluation of skill sets any time during the 90 day period.
bullet Full compatibility with O*NET data on approximately 1,000 occupations.
bullet Extensive tracking and reporting system of activity and outcomes of all users.