Fast Track Metrix - Guide to Getting Started

If your Agency/Career Center has requested that you submit an online application for a Metrix Learning license, please complete the following steps.  All questions should be directed to staff at your Agency/Career Center.

Access link for an overview and tour of Metrix Learning:

Review the available courses below and select 3 courses from either the SkillSoft OR Medcom library.

Metrix e-Training Courses

For Desktop, IT and Business Courses see SkillSoft library at

Skillsoft Certification Tracks
For a list of Skillsoft’s most popular courses, click here.


For courses in Health Occupations, see Medcom library at

For a list of Medcom’s most popular courses, click here

Review the following Agency policies covering customers that are approved for a Metrix Learning License:

  1. Customers must select 3 courses from either the Health (Medcom) or the Business (Skillsoft) course provider prior to the e-Training license being issued.       
  2. Once course selection and Start Up Information is received, licenses will be issued, via email, within 2 business days.

  3. Licenses grant access to either the Health (Medcom) course provider or the Business (Skillsoft) course provider for the entire 90-day period.  Once a customer chooses his/her learning provider and his/her license is issued, the customer is unable to ‘switch’ learning providers.

  4. e-Training licenses for either the Health (Medcom) or the Business (Skillsoft) course provider are active for a 90-day period.

  5. Customers must complete at least 1 course from either the Medcom or the Skillsoft provider (ProveIt! assessments are not considered courses) within the first 14 days of his/her license being issued or the e-Training license will be deactivated.

  6. Only customers completing a minimum of 9 courses from either the Medcom or the Skillsoft learning provider within the 90-day period, may apply for a 90-day e-Training license extension. (Extensions are not automatic and will depend on funds being available).

Send an email to your Agency/Career Center representative that includes the following:

Subject Header: Metrix License Application


Email address:

Your Zip code:

Name of Your Agency/Career Center:

Name of Provider Selected (either SkillSoft or Medcom)

List of 3 Courses Selected: (include name and number)

Include a brief explanation of how these courses will assist you in meeting your career objectives.

Include a statement that verifies you have read the Terms and Conditions of the Agency policies on Metrix Learning Licenses.



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