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Explore ETI’s path to a progressive career in the energy conservation industry.  As a BPI Affiliate, we are offering a “comprehensive” package that is suited for building performance professionals in need of BPI certification for advancement, or individuals seeking “green-collar” employment.

ETI is excited to announce its alliance with Saturn Online (; which provides all materials, online training, guidance, progress and tracking for certification as a Building Analyst and/or Envelope Professional.  

Building Analyst Professional

The Building Analyst Professional course is based upon a broad building science curriculum. It presents a solid scientific foundation upon which inspectors and auditors can build an accurate understanding of modern buildings. It is designed for those who have some construction or home building/remodeling experience.
Each topic includes an overview of the technology, examples of typical installations and their defects, procedures for performing audits, and guidelines for analyzing potential retrofits. You will learn how to analyze existing homes and solve residential energy efficiency issues.
A balanced approach to building performance is presented here that addresses energy efficiency, building durability and human health.

Envelope Professional 

The Envelope Professional (Building Shell Technician) course teaches knowledge and builds skills needed to be a successful building shell technician or supervisor of building shell technicians. Knowledge includes construction terms, insulation characteristics, building diagnostics, and air-leakage locations.
Skill-building includes insulation and air-sealing techniques, duct-sealing and duct insulation techniques, and building diagnostic techniques.  It is difficult to separate energy conservation from building maintenance so this course also teaches you repair skills.
Knowledge of repair techniques is vitally important to becoming a fully qualified building shell technician because repairs can hold you back from important energy conservation projects such as wall insulation, attic insulation, window treatments, or window replacement.




For candidates with a strong background in the mechanical systems, construction, or design of homes, ETI offers an intensive One-on-One or Small Group training and testing process. This includes 1 day of theory, 2 days of field training and 1 day of testing. Candidates must successfully complete a pre-screening process to determine eligibility. Course is designed for 1-4 candidates and offered in Ringwood, NJ or at your location with additional fees for travel. Cost includes testing fees.

COST OF INTENSIVE BUILDING ANALYST: One-on One $2150.00; Small Group (2-4) $1625.00 per candidate 


For candidates who have successfully completed the Building Analyst written and field exams, ETI offers two day intensive training and one day of testing focused on advanced duct diagnostic techniques and advanced air leakage analysts. Candidate must have a strong understanding of the concepts and testing techniques of an energy auditor. Cost includes testing fees.

COST OF INTENSIVE ENVELOPE PROFESSIONAL: One-on-One $1650.00; Small Group $1300.00 per candidate


For a prescreened candidate, ETI offers training for these two levels of BPI Certification in an intensive one week format. Training covers both the theory and the hands on field work necessary to enter the home performance industry. Four days of training is followed by one day of testing. Costs include 2 written exams and two field test (BA & Envelope field test can be taken together).

COST OF BUILDING ANALYST + ENVELOPE PROFESSIONAL: One-on-One $3300.00; Small Group $2575.00 per candidate     


2 Course textbooks (required for training).
8 Week Saturn Online e-Training: Self paced lessons that use an array of multi-media materials to master Building Analyst or Envelope Professional training.
Mentoring by qualified instructors through online classroom forums and applied training sessions. 
Monitoring of student records with weekly reports provided to sponsoring agencies.
2 day hands-on field training in Northern NJ, Southern VT or within the Northeast (additional travel fees may apply).
Practical experience with equipment used in energy audits and weatherization practices.
Proctored written and field examinations for BPI Building Analyst and/or Envelope Professional credentials at a choice of locations (additional travel fees may apply).

ETI’s Green Path supplies the building blocks needed to secure upwardly mobile employment, while supporting America’s efforts to achieve energy independence and a more sustainable society.

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